StarTimes slashes prices by 50 percent in bouquet restructuring

By M&M Reporter

Pay Television firm StarTimes Media has today announced a 50 percent cut on its classic bouquet in a move that will shake up the pay television market.

Announcing the changes in pricing and content, the firm’s marketing director Japhet Akhulia said the bouquet will now retail for Sh749 compared to the previous price of Sh1499.

To sweeten the deal further, the bouquet has also been beefed up with more channels such National Geographic E, St Movies Plus, FOX, Baby TV, Star Plus among others.

The move is part of the firm’s restructuring of its terrestrial platform bouquets that will see the company focus on only three key subscription packages.

The other two bouquets that will be available to StarTimes subscribers include Basic and Nyota that will be retailing at Sh599 and Sh259 respectively.

Subscribers who were initially subscribed to Unique bouquet will have the option to join StarTimes satellite television platform alternatively, they will be automatically subscribed to Classic bouquet.

Akhulia noted that the changes present a stronger subscriber offer both in terms of price as well as premium content that will be available on the superior Classic bouquet.

“StarTimes subscribers now have a stronger proposition. We have not only dropped the cost of our superior bouquet by 50 percent but also made strategic improvements by adding six more channels key in extending value for money to our Classic bouquet subscribers, ” noted Mr. Akhulia.

The changes will also see terrestrial platform subscribers on Basic and Nyota bouquets enjoy access to the next higher bouquet for seven days upon subscribing for one month. With this, a subscriber’s first seven days will have access to the next higher bouquet at no extra cost.

Similarly, StarTimes subscribers on the broadcaster’s satellite television platform will have the option of Super, Smart or Nova bouquet retailing at Sh1,499, Sh899 or Sh449 respectively. Monthly recharge to any of these bouquets will also see subscribers enjoy seven days access to the next higher bouquet at no extra cost.

“These strategic changes are mainly geared towards growing our subscriber retention, upgrading subscribers to higher bouquets as well as growing our numbers in our quest to enable more Kenyan households to access and enjoy digital television at the most affordable rates in the market,” added Akhulia.

To complement these changes, StarTimes will continue enabling subscribers the choice to subscribe daily, weekly or monthly a service tailored towards enabling subscriber’s continuity in watching premium television content based on the amount they wish to spend at a particular time.

With the three bouquets now available on the terrestrial platform, subscribers can pay a daily fee of as low as Sh25 on Nyota bouquet, Sh60 on Basic bouquet or Sh85 on Classic bouquet.

Weekly charges on Nyota, Basic and Classic bouquets are Sh95, Sh220 or Sh340 respectively.

StarTimes subscribers on the satellite television platform are in a position to access at a daily rate of Sh40 for Nova bouquet, Sh85 for Smart bouquet and Sh125 for Super bouquet.

Weekly charges on Nova, Smart and Super bouquets are Sh160, Sh320 and Sh500 respectively.

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