Russia nuclear agency OKs wind power deal with Dutch firm

Russia’s nuclear agency Rosatom has approved partnership of its daughter company “OTEK” with the Dutch “Lagerwey systems b.v.” in wind energy projects.

The goal of the partnership is to develop the production of the wind turbines in Russia. In 2017 the partners will create a joint venture to ensure maximum commitment of the both partners to the implementation of the projects in Russia.

The Russian government wants wind energy to generate two percent of the country’s electricity output by 2024, and Rosatom already has a contract to build 26 wind farms in the south of the country.

Rosatom’s first deputy chief, Kirill Komarov, said the goal was not only to build turbines, but to shape regulations for the sector and train specialists, as well as to develop R&D system for the wind energy.

“We have the second to none experience and knowledge in creation of new industries from the scratch, as we solve such tasks daily in our nuclear energy segment both in Russia and worldwide”.

“The basis of the future energy balance is based on low-carbon technologies like nuclear power and renewables combined. The decision to diversify our market proposal in low-carbon energy is a reasoanble follow-up to the overall business development of Rosatom. Moreover, it corresponds to the government 2017-2025 strategy aimed at shifting to the sustainable “green” development model”, noted the first deputy Director General of Rosatom Kirill Komarov.

Atomic power and renewables such as wind energy are complementary. Each of them has its own advantages and models of utilization. The reason is that the balanced mix of clean and sustainable sources are able to provide base load energy supply while ensuring emissions-free energy.

The venture aims for initial capacity of 610MW between 2018 and 2020. Rosatom estimates that wind generation could eventually produce 3.6GW a year with annual turnover of approximately US$1.6 billion.

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