Mauritius to host Emwealth global pension conference

By M&M Reporter

Pensions Administrator Enwealth Financial Services is set to host representatives of pension funds and strategic investors from across the globe this month in the second annual Global Investment Opportunities Conference (GIO) where they are expected to explore ways of spurring growth in Africa’s pension industry through Alternative Investments. The first GIO was held in London in October 2016 discussing development through Private Public Partnerships.

The three-day conference to be held on 21-23rd May 2019 in Mauritius, themed “Investment and Strategic Leadership in Social Security” brings together regulators, pension fund managers, investment experts and thought leaders to discuss unique perspectives, approaches and ,opportunities for pension funds to contribute to Africa’s development needs and global trends in investment. The GIO Conference will present leading edge investment research on strategies for de-risking traditional and alternative asset classes for pension funds, challenging the traditional balanced fund strategy, innovation through blockchain technology and risk management frameworks for offshore investments.

The event will further focus on regulatory reforms, achievements made towards improving pension outcomes through micro-pensions and micro-insurance and increasing the integration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) in pension funds. The state of pension industry in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa and Mauritius will be discussed as case studies during the conference.

“In the midst of increasingly difficult economic conditions and volatile markets, pension funds are grappling with diminishing and volatile returns from traditional asset classes whose returns have become less attractive and more positively correlated resulting in lower returns while losing diversification elements,” said Enwealth CEO, Mr. Simon Wafubwa while announcing the conference agenda.

“Infrastructure for instance is one of the emerging asset classes which is lucrative and long-term with huge potential benefits for pension funds and guarantees strong future cash flows with regard to return enhancement and portfolio risk management.” Mr. Wafubwa continued.

The conference seeks to encourage pension funds to look towards alternative investments such as infrastructure and to explore sustainable models of risk management frameworks from across the globe that can be followed to emulate success.

Physical connectivity amongst global pension players is crucial in identifying opportunities for innovation in financial services which will have a number of far-reaching benefits for the African economy

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