Equity rolls out universal number for all outgoing calls to customers

Equity rolls out universal number for all outgoing calls to customers

By M&M

Equity has rolled out a universal number for all outbound communication to its customers and other external stakeholders.

The move allows the bank to contact its customers by one outgoing number 0763 000 000 under Equitel’s main prefix ‘0763’.

The rollout of the universal number is part of the Bank’s recent rebranding, where the company now presents itself as One Equity, a unified brand one stop shop offering integrated financial services provider under one roof.

The number embodies this goal by unifying all its outbound communication to customers and external stakeholders.

This measure is also aimed at promoting safety measures when communicating to customers thereby giving them confidence to know when their Bank is calling them as part of customer service and relationship management.

“We have rolled out this number 0763 000 000 in our continued effort to improve customer experience. All our customers and stakeholders will easily now identify when their Bank is calling them whenever they see 0763 000 000 displayed on their phone,” said Dr James Mwangi, Equity group managing director and CEO.

” Customers will continue to reach us through our 24 hours Contact Centre by calling 100 Call Centre number or 0763 063 000 Contact Centre number.”

Dr Mwangi also said that Equity has been continuously investing in secure platforms and capability to fortify relationship with customers.

He pointed out that Equity obtained the prestigious global Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard 3.1 (PCI DSS 3.1) becoming the first bank in the country and one of the first banks in East Africa to do so.

The certification affirms Equity’s adherence to international security standards related to the protection of customer information.

“We invite our customers to note this number so that going forward, they will easily  identify us when we call. Since the number is for outgoing calls only, customers will still continue to call us through our contact centre numbers. We would also like to remind our customers that the Bank will never call to ask for confidential customer information on the call,” advised Dr Mwangi.

Dr Mwangi urged customers to be very alert of any caller that asks for confidential information such as passwords or Pin Numbers.

“Such callers are fraudsters and customers should immediately discontinue such calls and report such a number to the nearest police station,” advised Dr Mwangi.

Equity continues to make inroads in its innovation and digitization strategy that has seen its mobile and internet banking channels process 83 percent of all transactions, with agents and merchants processing 12 percent of transactions by 30th June 2020.

Currently, 98 percent of all its transaction takes place outside the branch, solidifying the Group’s position as a digital financial service provider.

The lender has over 14 million customers across the region whose priority is the ability to transact digitally and conveniently in a secure manner.

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