9 beatitudes that will cushion your wallet in the festive season


By Simon Wafubwa

The holidays are almost here! As expected, online spaces and mainstream media will be  abuzz with jokes on December having 15 days and January being 90 days long!

The perks that come with the holiday season; two paychecks, bonuses, leave days, gifts, travel, and a lot of merry making etc temporarily suspend our cares and concerns for the roller-coaster month that seems to be only 15 days long.

In this care free space, detrimental financial decisions are made whose sobering impact is felt in the long and dreadful month of January.

To cushion your wallet and keep you merry through the otherwise tough month, we share below some cautionary beatitudes to keep you off financial wilderness:

Blessed are they that shall spend all their December pay by 25th, for they shall exercise the fruit of patience in January 2019. 

Blessed are they that shall forget to pay December rent or mortgage for they shall be visited by the landlord or the bankers in January 2019. 

Blessed are they that shall seek to live beyond their means in December 2018, for they might know the power of collection by the shylocks. 

Blessed are they that shall use their December 2018 pay to buy very BIG TV sets instead of investment, for they shall watch the performance of financial markets through the TV. 

Blessed are they that shall carry Mattresses this December 2018 to the rural homes, for they shall incur the cost of transportation back in January 2019. 

Blessed are they who hate financial budgets, for they shall spend at will without knowledge of where their money goes. 

Blessed are they who shall make merry and enjoy the festivities from borrowed funds, January bills shall increase their debt each year. 

Blessed are they that have no financial plan for 2019 , financial needs shall have a plan for every single penny they get.

Blessed are those who plan and save, for they shall enjoy their retirement!!

It is important that you evaluate your attitude towards money and craft a financial plan that will guarantee efficient utilization of your hard-earned money and a happy beginning to the new year come January 2019.

The writer is Managing Director, Enwealth Financial Services. He can be reached through Swafubwa@enwealth.co.ke

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