Asian markets send mix signals on US Fed planned rate hike

Shanghai composite up as Nikkei slides further


By M&M Reporter

Asian markets closed the week with mixed signals after a three days slide driven by US Federal Reserve Bank plans to hike its rate.

With exception of Hong Kong and mainland China which recorded a slight rise day, the rest of markets continued to fall at varied degrees.

Hong Kong Stock Exchanges Hang Seng index rose 0.42 percent gaining 106.85 points to close at 25,561.4 while in mainland China, both Shanghai and Shenzen composites gained 2.58 percent to close at 2,550.47 and 1263.81.

Japans Nikkei continued to fall dropping 0.56 percent today to close at 22, 532.08 while India’s Sensex lost 1.72 percent to ending the day 34,197.59.


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